Ball Dresses NZ






We are selling Ball Dresses online, and is proud to call ourselves the BEST Ball Gown Supplier in New Zealand. We’ve started this business as we realized there was a gap in the market, with girls struggling to find good quality Ball Dresses and evening gowns. Ive been part of Miss Universe New Zealand, Miss World New Zealand and a few other Pageants, where my passion is to support our young generation.

All these girls needed Dresses to wear, and it was not always easy. We know it is hard to find the BEST Quality dresses on the Web, and lets be honest, who wants to go to a Dress Shop to buy a Ball Dress, when you can jump online, and do it from the comfort of your own home, and for a better price too….

So what we have done is we sourced for the BEST International suppliers that we could find. We looked all over the United States of America and we came up with a few Suppliers that promise to deliver what they stand for, Good Quality! We went through all this to assure we can supply you with the best quality Evening Dresses available. We have more than 10 Years experience where we dressed a great part of New Zealand and abroad.