Bella Bridal






Bella Bridal offers a wide range of high quality wedding, evening and ball dresses, bridesmaid, mother of the bride and cocktail dresses in store and online.

For Bridal gowns, we have over 100 dresses for you to try on in store. You have the choice of purchasing off the rack or ordering a dress to fit your size. The option to order allows you to add or remove straps or change to a zip up or corset (lace up) backing. 

For School Balls, we make sure that once YOUR dress is ordered or purchased, your school name is recorded for that dress, so you don’t have the same dress as another at your ball! So girls get in quick! In ordering a dress you can choose a size that fits you and decide on any colour from our 100+ range. Also, from our latest styles you have the chance to be the only one in New Zealand to wear it