DJ Corysco

Recently relocated to Auckland, the globetrotting DJ Corysco's selections are deeply funky. Living in Los Angeles made him fall in love with the Hip-Hop culture and Paris broadened his horizons. 

Corysco's passion for skateboarding came along with the curiosity of the soundtracks. Living in Los Angeles, he witnessed the strong hip-hop culture, and connected with many of the DJs that still influence him today. Returning to Brazil, he brought together his turntables and lots of records to found HIJINX, a party that would bring a new sound to Rio.

In 2013 Corysco moved to France, where he quickly became a familiar name in the Parisian nightlife constantly performing in well-known clubs and bars around the city.

He has also played out in cities as diverse as Copenhagen, Berlin, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Firenze, Roma, Annecy and other cities in France.

Currently in Auckland, Corysco can regularly be found at residencies including Dr. Rudis and Ponsonby Social Club.