DJ Tido

DJ Tido plays a range of musical styles from jazz and funk to latin soul, disco to afrobeat, hip hop to house. He is equally comfortable mixing unobtrusive background music for corporate events or laying down classic 70's funk and disco to get the dancefloor started. He has over 20 years experience as a DJ and this extensive experience means he is extremely flexible and capable, no matter the situation.

Tido has been in Radio for over 17 years. He hosting the Superfly Funk show on RDU in Christchurch for over a decade. He currently features on Base FM every Wednesday morning from 10am-12pm with his show Actual Proof Radio. 

He has performed at top bars and clubs throughout all major NZ cities, as well as a long list of international destinations including London (2004, 2007), Mexico (2007), Melbourne (2008), Sydney (2008), Ghana (2011), New York (2013) and Hawaii (2015).