A long time ago we had “A LIGHT BULB MOMENT”.  We all stopped talking and just stared at each other as it dawned on us … why don’t we do this together?

Like popcorn and the movies it just made sense. We’re so much better together than we are apart.

Thus Perspectives Photo + Cinema was born. We realised that a wedding day is a multi-faceted celebration. It is a dynamic, moving and very real experience. There’s spoken words, laughter and tears. There’s moments of perfect beauty and dance moves that can’t be stopped.

Through truly understanding the mediums of photo and video, the silent and the spoken, we are able to capture your day in they many facet’s that it expresses.

The stories we tell are a reflection of you. They are deeply personal and unique. We’re masters of light, and strong composition. Our work is bold and dramatic, and sculpted with light.

Through both photo and cinema we capture stories in the most epic way we possibly can.