Stop Motion Photo Booth





Stop Motion Photo Booth is a unique fun way to capture stunning images of all your friends and family at your wedding or event. 

This isn't like your standard Photo Booth there are three main things that set it apart.

  1. Take as many photos as you like. There is no countdown timer, the Photo Booth is controlled by a wireless trigger held by your guests so they control when the images are taken. Take as many or as little photos as you like. It's possible to end up with as many as 3000 photos from your Photo Booth. This is how we create epic Stop Motion videos of your guests filled with so many good moments!
  2. No walls, no limits - Because there are no walls to the Photo Booth you can cram in huge groups of people into each photo. This is an awesome opportunity to get photos with your groups of friends, work mates and family.
  3. Amazing quality - the Photo Booth is set up with a studio soft box for stunning lighting and a high quality digital camera to capture the images. This means amazing quality images that will look awesome when viewed online or printed.