Terry Kidnyte

Terry has over 15 years experience as a DJ, offering a wide range of tunes across the funk, hip hop, disco, Top 40, house and trap genres.

Hip hop and funk are his true musical loves, but Terry is committed first and foremost to the dancefloor. If the crowd are feeling what he’s playing, he’s doing his job.

Terry has played at Auckland clubs including Revelry, Roxy, Neck of the Woods, R.E.C, The Nightingale, Parasol & Swings, Sapphire, Flosthon Paradise, Underpass, Tyer Street Garage, Racket Bar, as well as performing internationally in locations including Brisbane, Sydney and Fiji.

Terry has worked with clients including Flight Centre, Red Bull and Remix. He currently holds residencies at Revelry, Parasol and Swings and The Nightingale.